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My journey with crystals

Dear Self-healer, My connection with crystals comes from my earlier years when I was the girl who was picking up rocks that called my attention while my friends were playing games.  As I write to you, it brings an earthy and grounding sense of peace to my body.  I remember losing track of time, sitting […]

My favourite self-healing rituals…

Dear Self-healer, The very first time I got attuned to my first level of Usui Reiki Ryoho: “Shoden”, I was told that I need to begin doing Reiki self healing everyday. It was then when I started to understand the importance of spiritual daily rituals. First thing that generally comes to our minds when we […]

I am triggered by…

Dear Self-healer, Today I reached out with a hot topic in my hands: “Triggers”, even typing the word rise up made my heart beat a little.  Identifying my triggers was the key to unlocking my healing when dealing with eating disorders, I was diagnosed as “an emotional eater” as result of my anxiety and body […]