My favourite self-healing rituals…

Dear Self-healer,

The very first time I got attuned to my first level of Usui Reiki Ryoho: “Shoden”, I was told that I need to begin doing Reiki self healing everyday. It was then when I started to understand the importance of spiritual daily rituals.

First thing that generally comes to our minds when we think of “spiritual ritual” has a mystical connotation like: healing fire ceremony, cacao or other plant medicine intake, meditation, chanting and I could go on and on… 

Nevertheless, this concept can be taken into a practical context that will build the bridge between our spiritual journey and our daily life as a human being.

We all certainly know that daily life is often hectic and it can be easy to lose track, we also know that as spiritual beings we go through struggles, triggers and healing waves most of our days.  Does this resonate with you? 

Personally, I dedicate about an hour to my daily spiritual practice: Reiki Self-healing, meditation and self-healing/abundance affirmations to then set the intention to see any moment of my day as an opportunity to support my healing journey. 



Some of my self-healing rituals:

~Cleansing & Protection shower: as you are under the flow or fresh running water, cover your ears with your hands, connecting with your breath and feel the water cleansing down not only your physical body but also your aura. For a few breaths just BE, then continue with your shower routine as usual. At the end of your shower time, repeat this practice and this time visualize the water creating a fine and protective layer over your skin, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

~30 sec Release Dance:  set a few alarms or reminders in your phone to pause a dance for 30 sec. Dance with your heart, shake or jump the extra energy you might have stored in your body along your day.  Go the extra mile and dance your favorite song to boost up or lower down your energy.

~Mindful & Grateful Cooking: as you cook your meal be fully present in the process, express gratitude for the ingredients and the people who have contributed that you have this food on your plate. The benefits of expressing gratitude are countless.  




~Use the In-betweens: as you travel by car, underground of bus on your way to work or a meeting, listen a short guided meditation, choose that meditation in relation with your present emotional moment  It is truly effective to record your own affirmations in a voice note, listening to your own voice is powerfully healing. 

~Repotting plants: as you report your plants reflect on your spiritual growth, looking back to where you were and recognising how far you have come, be proud of the will power, dedication and time you have invested in doing your inner work. Getting your hands dirty in the soil is super fun, grounding and will support your inner child healing process.

~Look out at the horizon: as you walk your dog or take a walk in the park, put your phone away and look out to the trees, the clouds or just the horizon. Take awareness of the sky above you and its broadness, allow yourself to just being in the moment.




I wish that at least one of the above practices supports your healing moment. 

I truly encourage you to come up with your own ones, my personal formula: simplicity + love + devotion to self.

With Love & Reiki,
Maria Alfaro.

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