My journey with crystals

Dear Self-healer,

My connection with crystals comes from my earlier years when I was the girl who was picking up rocks that called my attention while my friends were playing games. 

As I write to you, it brings an earthy and grounding sense of peace to my body.  I remember losing track of time, sitting on the ground and my mother shouting out my name from the back terrace where she could see the field, because it was getting dark at night.

I was probably seven or eight years old at that time and we used to live in a chalet out of a small town in Madrid. We were surrounded by fields of olive trees, hills and mountains so we used to play free and wild in the streets or explore around with our bikes in the fields. 

Long story short, It was back in 2017 when I reconnected with my curious inner child on my solo trip in India and Nepal and my crystal healer journey began. 

This innocent curiosity led me to explore, experience and play with crystals. Matching with my Reiki Okuden (Level II) attunement, my soul knew it was the time to wake up the crystal healer within me. Few months after I met my Crystal Master and got certified in the art of Crystal Healing. 

mix of polished healing stones

How to pick your crystal

I am convinced you have read many other blogs or social media posts on how to shop for crystals so I will get to the point here: “Your heart knows, let it choose. Drop off the mind and listen to the body”

Just as you follow your heart, tap into your sensorial wisdom and follow the below steps. Repeat this flow as many times and with many crystals as you like.

1.~ Look for a bodily sensation resulting from your attraction to the color or shape of the crystal.

2.~ Pick up the first crystal that comes to you, don’t overthink it, you can still pick any other afterwards, and feel it in your hand.

3.~ Hold it onto your dominant hand and create a cozy cave with your non-dominant hand over it. Like if you are hugging it up and close your eyes.

4.~ Connect with your heart space and breathe into it. What is it coming through? An emotion, an image, a body sensation…

5.~ Now and not before, look for healing properties in your crystal book that resonate with your healing intentions.


Crystals books I love

I strongly stand by this sensorial way to choose a crystal for a single powerful reason:we read books to gain knowledge, we find wisdom within the experiences we live”.

Equally important is to enrich our minds reading wonderful books as these ones:

~ “Crystals for Self-care, the ultimate guide to crystal healing” by Kirsty Gallagher. Easy to navigate and fun to read guide for beginners.

~ “Crystal Companion, enhance your life with crystals” by Judy Hall the world’s N0.1 bestselling crystal author. This is my book to go for and highly recommended for healers.

“The modern guide to Crystal healing” by Philip Permutt. It is a well structured book that includes over 400 crystals and crystal remedies.

~ “The ultimate guide to crystal grips”, by Judy Hall. An advanced book for crystal lovers and a great guide for crystal grips beginners.

Tibetan singing bowl and healing crystals

Ending here, I invite you to share with me in the comments about your own journey with crystals.

If your soul is calling you to explore, experience crystal healing, book a free clarity call and let’s heal together.

With Love & Reiki,
Maria Alfaro.

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